A very warm welcome to Corabón – an Internet island destination that suggests actions for islands that want to have life thrive with clean waters.

When The Going Blue Foundation’s team presented a Caribbean island with a strategy to become ‘World’s First Blue Island’ at an open meeting, it was received with great enthusiasm.

The island’s residents promptly embraced the going blue theme and the marine positive strategies* to diminish and offset the water pollution acquatrails ending up in the very waters which define their island – and which largely feed its inhabitants both literally and economically.

Yet while good work continues there, soon key players and supporters changed positions and in the absence of new funding we were obliged to postpone our visits there to sustain the ‘going blue’ momentum.

As we await new funding to continue this programme, also on other islands, we feel that there is one thing we have to do in the interim: share.

Encouraged by the public’s, the politicians’ and other stakeholders’ positive response to our holistic blue approach, we have nurtured a place Presidents, Governors, Ministers, Parliamentarians and citizens from all islands can visit at no cost.

Several of you will already know much of what we mention on this site. In this case we hope that it may help you explain something that you have been fighting for to others.

If the comments seem too general, that is because we understand each island and its habitat may be different and deserves specialist investigation and accordingly we have merely presented most of the ‘top line’ issues and possible routes to addressing these.

Of the many people that we hope will visit us here on Corabón, one real island indeed still has the opportunity to become World’s First Blue Island and set the standard for sustainable island life surrounded by clean waters.


* The presentation included cruise line passengers’ annual acquatrail expressed in monetary terms (the aquatic equivalent of the carbon footprint) and how to afford those same passengers the opportunity to become marine positive (more than offsetting that acquatrail). This was ratified but has not yet been implemented.

During that early project we had been introduced by Allerd Stikker, a leading water environmentalist, and kindly invited to join  WKICS and Wageningen University to whom we remain grateful for the opportunity and excellent collaboration. WKICS is continuing its excellent work on that particular island and now others.

You want your island
to go blue too don't you?

What's a Blue Island?

A BLUE Island:
• Values what oceans/seas contribute to life
• Benefits from water-based tourism
• Wants to diminish damage to marine life