The great advantage of coral nurseries is that they are a ‘do’ instead of a ‘don’t’ action for your island’s inhabitants to identify with. The other advantage is that it is relatively easy to get visiting divers to do some of the work as part of their engagement to safeguard the environment that they have often come to visit and love.

There are about five different techniques adopted around the world to grow new coral. Again there are a number of marine experts that you can undoubtedly identify yourself to do this (you may already have some on your island) or we would be happy to direct some to you.

As an alternative to coral nurseries, mangrove or sea grass plantations can also compensate damage. In these two cases they act as ‘sinks’ for surplus carbon dioxide production from emissions on (transport and homes) or around the island (shipping). A number of other projects can be seen on our main site here

You want your island
to go blue too don't you?

What's a Blue Island?

A BLUE Island:
• Values what oceans/seas contribute to life
• Benefits from water-based tourism
• Wants to diminish damage to marine life