Your inhabitants need to support a going blue island initiative not only to give your administration the crucial political mandate you require but mainly because it is the population itself that can implement many of the changes that we advocate on this site. Generally the engagement process requires the following steps:

a) Inform/educate opinion leaders and community leaders of your intent and the desired outcomes and benefits in order to have them work with you

b) Prepare evidence to demonstrate the financial and emotional damage done to the island by the persistent pollution of its waters. Having ‘nature asset’ and water pollution acquatrail cost-of-damage calculations provides a sound basis for this. (see marine positive certification).

c) Work with and through these leaders to disseminate the necessary behaviour-changing programmes in schools, communities, public meetings and posters, notices, newspapers, magazine, websites, radio and TV.

d) Lead by example, act as you say. People will heavily criticise leaders who do not behave as they say others should

While you have many choices for getting expert external and objective support to manage this process, it is an area where the Founders of The Going Blue Foundation and its expert partners have considerable experience and we would be delighted to come and assist you.


You want your island
to go blue too don't you?

What's a Blue Island?

A BLUE Island:
• Values what oceans/seas contribute to life
• Benefits from water-based tourism
• Wants to diminish damage to marine life