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Marine positive is to water pollution what carbon neutral is to air pollution.

Marine Positive certification is based on calculating the water pollution acquatrail of the specific sources of that pollution and ultra-offsetting it. For example visiting cruise ships. Or run off. Each source of water pollution can have an acquatrail cost-of-damage calculation attached to it.

By becoming ‘positive’ you will be overcompensating for damage (still) being done even if this has already been diminished. Or for damage done in the past.

Certification is annual.

The feel-good is considerable and a marine positive certification programme can easily be implemented for cruise passengers (or indeed other groups) in the same way as carbon offsetting is implemented for air travellers.

The acquatrail calculation and marine positive certification is carried out by a commercial enterprise – Marine Positive Ltd. All its compensatory funds are donated to The Going Blue Foundation to fund island-specific projects as defined on its website under projects. Please contact Susannah Stewart. stewart [at] marinepositive [dot] com

You want your island
to go blue too don't you?

What's a Blue Island?

A BLUE Island:
• Values what oceans/seas contribute to life
• Benefits from water-based tourism
• Wants to diminish damage to marine life