The vast majority of sunscreens do not adequately protect the skin from UVA rays (they only cover UVB) and also kill coral and marine life – see this important video here.

Biodegradable is not enough. What is needed is ‘ecocompatible’. In other words that the ingredients be compatible with their context and do no harm. Even when they are ‘degraded’ first. To fully understand the difference, you can see this short video too.

There is one ecocompatible sunscreen which has been extensively tested by that same leading marine scientist appearing in the videos. Every single ingredient was tested individually before final formulation. And then again once the product was finalised it was tested in its totality and given the all clear.

It is ecocompatible and 100% coral safe.

Are we biased? Yes. It is the only sunscreen to have a patent pending and that we know was tested properly because the founders of The Going Blue Foundation also founded Aethic Ltd. – the company that makes and markets it. What’s more, Sôvée is not only ecocompatible but also marine positive by virtue of ultra off-setting its only acquatrail, that associated with transport. To implement that ultra off-set, Aethic makes donations to this foundation.

The product is available online from www.aethic.com and increasingly from leading retailers around the world. Selfridges London among them.

Does your island have it yet?

For more direct information, contact allard [dot] marx [at] aethic [dot] com


You want your island
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A BLUE Island:
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